About Me


My name is Richard Huynh(Pronounced Hwin). Born and raised in San Francisco, I recently started traveling a lot and was convinced to start a blog to record the haphazard stream of consciousness that goes on in my head. Hopefully you get a kick out of it.

I enjoy terribly ponderful wuns.

I especially enjoy the following activities:

  • Parkour
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu
  • Judo
  • Kickboxing/ Muay Thai
  • Arnis/Eskrima
  • Skateboarding ( once upon a time)
  • Long Distance Running (training for a Spartan Race)
  • Cooking (anything from Italian to Vietnamese food is delicious)
  • Reading ( on things ranging from Space Technology and Blackholes to refugee biographies)

I have also traveled to/lived the following places:

  • Hong Kong (4 months studying abroad in Fall 2013)
  • Kenya (3 months volunteering in Summer 2014)
  • Brazil (2 week international markets  class in Winter 2015)
  • Washington, DC ( 3 months of Spring of 2015)
  • China  ( 6-7 months in Summer and Fall of 2015)
  • Vietnam (Revisiting the homeland in 2015)
  • Taiwan (couchsurfing in early 2016)
  • Thailand (Thaiboxing camp in Spring 2016)

Graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Global Economics ( meaning I am “forced” to travel to complete my major). Worked with a few startups in both the US and in China.

Recently I have been especially into street food, languages, and programming. Going to be in Coding House, a programming bootcamp right by Silicon Valley. Also currently working with TaiChiJianBing(太极煎饼) selling organic and non-inexpensive streetfood.

Above all. I enjoy bullet points (and parenthesis)


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