More Esoteric Shit!

My latest dumbfounded obsession is jackfruit. I guess latest isn’t an accurate term, I’ve been ranting about it for months to everyone I met. But now that I am back home I can finally experiment the shit out of some jackfruit dishes. So starting from today, I am going to be one of THOSE food bloggers that thinks they know a thing or two about exotic foods and cooking.

Jackfruit tastes and looks like pulled pork when you cook it. Which is pretty sweet if you are one of those vegetarianites, (to be fair meat is one of the more expensive parts of a diet).

I biked ( after 23 years of shamefully not knowing how to, but I have seen the light) to Sunset Super, the local Asian market and bought cans upon cans of jackfruit.

I have a long list of things I want to try making:

Thai Curry
Ropa VIeja

…To name a few. I have absolutely no idea how some of these will turn out.

Jackfruit Cuban Sandwiches!!

1 can Jackfruit
orange juice
lime juice
bay leaf
dry chiles
veggie broth
olive oil

swiss cheese
bread and butter pickles
torta roll
BUTTER. Lots of it.

Take that jackfruit, remove the core cause it tastes gross.

Throw that pretend meat fruit in a pot with the OJ Simpson, LJ SImpson, cumin, chillies, onion, garlic, oregano and broth. Summer for about 30 minutes. Add some olive oil.

Once that pretend meat fruit is fully cooked, throw it on the bread with the cheese, pickles and mustard, salt an peppa between the layers yo.

Put lots of butter on both sides of the sammys on a cast iron skillet. Squish them fuckers down with a some thing heavy like a brick, or ANOTHER skillet. Do both sides until the bread is nice and toasty and the cheese is gushing out like hot pocket.

Ideally lots of MSG and some liquid smoke.

The bluriness of the pictures definitely makes the jackfruit look more like meat.

Other thoughts: If you take a book on say.. jiujitsu. Translate/ paraphrase the text to say… Korean or Swahili, replace all the pictures with your own, then call it your own book to sell in another country. Would that cause copyright issues?


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