Convenience, thy name is Taiwan


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You can pay your BILLS here. American 7- Elevens need to catch up on this service level.

Anyways I was left Mainland China to stay in Taiwan from late January to early February. I took an overnight boat over from Xiamen over to Keelung. My good friend Iris was incredibly kind, and allowed me to stay with her grandparents as a home base for shorter trips to other cities ( still owe her a bunch for that). I got to celebrate Chinese New Years with her family and had some amazing food.

Here is a short list of the things I did in those 3 weeks by city, not necessarily is chronological order

  • Arrived via Boat from Xiamen, got hassled by security, ripped my last pair of pants
  • Celebration Gala with Taiwan political folks
  • Hosted by Iris’s family( best Taiwanese food I had was in their casa)
  • Raohe Night Market饶河夜市
  • Shillin Night Market 士林夜市
  • 24 hour bookstore Eslite ( stayed the night and read a book)
  • Taipei 101 ( that really tall building)
  • Elephant Hlll ( a little peak with a few of Taipei 101)
  • Din Tai Fung with Celeste, a Taiwanese friend I met two years ago in Hong Kong)
  • Mos Burger ( burgers with sticky rice instead of burger buns)
  • Chun Shui Tang( reportedly the first bubble tea place, although the original one is not in Taipei)
  • Chiangkai Shek Memorial + Changing of the guard.
  • Beitou hiking and hot springs
  • Met with my Chinese teacher from UCSC
  • National Palace Museum with meat rock ( and apparently jade was originally used to make weapons and tools. Who knew?)


  • Couch surfing with Elena ( best couch surfing host ever)
  • Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市 ( Sausages housed in another sausage made out of sticky rice)
  • 背投 Xitou (Saw a rainbow after hiking to the peak )
  • Met a retired 60+ year old military officer that out paced me like crazy during a hike.


  • Stayed a few days with Iris’s family for Chinese New Year. Ate more delicious food


  • Hot springs
  • Kavalan Whiskey Distillery ( nominated for best whiskey in 2015, I got 3 free glasses of it)
  • Luodong night market ( onion pancakes.. yum)
  • Another night market of which I forgot the name, but I ran into a bunch of Vietnamese people that settled here.
  • Chinese New Years rock concert
That’s all folks

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