Sleeping is my new favorite hobby.

Note: I must have written this well over a month ago from the time I am posting this. January 12th to be exact ( I just checked my date created note on Evernote)

So i finally bought some long underwear, and my life in cold weather has been permanently transformed. How did I ever survive this long without them? In any case now that finals are over I can finally get a normal amount sleep (which is basically all that I have done in the past few days) and I can finally think clearly. Its like I have been drunk off of slept deprivation these past months and I am finally sober. It has been suggested by many that I should attend WA ( Workaholics Anonymous “Hi, my name is Richard… and I am a workaholic”). I have made the realization that I have spread my time so thinly that I have been 1. neglecting taking care of my self and sleeping and 2. not making as much progress in these endeavors that I am spread so thinly in. This ends up with me not enjoying my free time as much as a could have.

I started and finished a book the other day about “Essentialism”. Judging from the title sounds like some hippie minimalist hoo hah ( I actually do enjoy myself some minimalism), and it certainly can be taken that way, but it also has some interesting rationale behind it. It boils down to the concept that time is limited, most things are a waste of your time, energy and attention, so prioritize the things that truly matter. For some people it might be their family and friends, for other folks it might be a specific career path or project that takes priority of other less meaningful tasks/ jobs.

Oh, speaking of priorities, sleep has been frequently mentioned as the ultimate productivity tool. Dozens of books I have read mentioned this, it didn’t hit me until after the semester ended and I hibernated for half a week. It really seemed counter intuitive to me, I wanted to have as many waking hours as possible, I tried cutting sleep as efficiently as possible ranging for several naps instead of sleeping through the night, etc. I realized that it is not a sustainable lifestyle, and that my extra waking hours were all miserable. I suppose that my cutting sleep for more work time comes not just from taking on too many tasks, but also from an insecurity of being able to get the job done within normal waking hours. I am strongly considering getting a tattoo on my chest that says ” go the F**k sleep”( based on the popular bedtime story) to remind myself how important it is. I’d say a person can get more done in an hour if they are well rested than in four hours if they are a zombie (because lets face it, zombies are pretty dumb and slow, why would you  want to be one)

Oh I thought I should share this with everyone, speeding up your trackpad to the highest setting is a life changer( I know I say that a lot, but its true). At first you might think it’s too fast, but you get used to it after a few minutes. It makes everyone’s trackpad seem broken and slow. You can have this superiority complex too, just change your mouse settings.

Finally, I just moved to a new place with no heater and blanket ( except for an airplane blanket) it is COLD. Is this how the Russians feel all the time? How do they do it?

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