Coconut Milk Goes Great in Coffee…. Everything Hurts

It has been a whole month since I wrote anything. You know how I told myself I would take this semester easy? Turns out I am liar. Hmm, liar is a harsh word, I will go with “enjoying a casual relationship with the truth”. I ran into issues with the whole ordeal in Inner Mongoia, so I am officially not teaching pro bono anymore. Not being stressfully busy left a big gaping hole in my soul, so I picked up a new internship with a cool little company called Foodies. Looking back at my previous posts, I just realized I mentioned this already. Long story short, I made myself busier than I promised myself I would be, but its okay, because the semester is ending and the number of things stretching my brain and attention like taffy is steadily decreasing

Moving On:

I stumbled upon coconut milk in Walmart the other day. Its about 50 cents per can and delicious. When I find the time I need to buy a case of that. My life was changed forever when I decided to put previously mentioned coconut milk into espresso. If I can consume that every single one of my mornings… I could be invincible.

I wonder if you could make cold brew out of coconut milk…..

I also have not studied Chinese in a whole month due to being so busy, but I started again for the first time. It felt nice, I have a lot of tutoring and characters to catch up on. My tutor has been a cool cat and teaching me about economics and other very specific topics. So i can converse with Chinese folks about those topics better than I can order in a restaurant. I think I have my priorities straight, right?

I found a new parkour gym!! They have some sort of relationship with the folks and APK, some of the instructors here knowing the instructors in APK. Apparently in Chinese, parkour is called 跑酷or 飞跃到. In any case this gym is nice! Its massive, and most importantly… they have a salmon ladder! I have not been this sore since that one time I trained jiujitsu for 5 hours running on 3 hours of sleep. Apparently they know they guys I trained with in DC, small world.20150909162544_4985.jpg20150909162544_5755.jpg20150909162544_3485.jpg

Also, I have been becoming increasingly frustrated with Chinese people constantly on their phones. Mostly when I see young folks sitting in their sittings playing with their phones while and old lady is having issues standing on the train. I guess I should also be impressed with that one woman who was texting while biking through a red light. She is still alive I think. In any case, I started venting my frustrations by taking pictures of them. Sometimes I will poke them or unzip their backpacks to see if they notice. They usually don’t.

Other things of note:
Tsingdao Stout
Pig face
Banana Shaped Banana Bread
Starwars Christmas Tree!!!

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