Robots, Rockets and Toast

Hooray I didn’t get kicked out! of China! more on that later…. I just spent the past 5 minutes looking for my glasses when they were on top of my head.

I got to participate in a little voice experiment this week. They put me in a sterile white room with a speaker and Macbook and had me read catchy movie one liners off the screen. Apparently it was for a robot. I forgot why they were doing this experiment, but I assume this robot will either be able to recognize my voice or mimic my voice. If its the latter I worry about the creation of some horrifyingly accurate android clone of myself that speaks in movie one liners. Most of the other participants were foreigners, so I offer the following theory/ conspiracy for this project. It was inspired by my mother’s own conspiracy theories of Chinese people

Their plan is to:
Step 1: Make a perfect carbon copy of me in android form using my voice
Step 2: Use the android to fly to the US using my passport that the obviously already made a perfect replica of( watermarks and all)
Step 3: Have the android( still posing as me) marry a Chinese woman looking to obtain US citizenship via green card.
Step 4: Use said android to convince more of my friends to study abroad in China and participate in robot voice experiment for further recruitment
Step 5: Repeat

Speaking of androids and robots, I went to the robots exhibit in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. They had tons of robots! One shot arrows, another played pianos, and they had a robot dog that follows commands in Chinese, bonus points for a robot being able to understand my Chinese!
Elsewhere in the Museum they had a space exhibit! With rockets and satellites and other space doodads. Not as cool as the Air and Space Museum in DC, but still a fun roam.
Finally, they had an exhibit showing fatty liver disease for humans. Don’t take this the wrong way, but doesn’t it look a bit like Fois Gras? It even has the ideal color that you would want a goose liver to have for Fois Gras. Hmm… interesting…
This week on weird ( or not so weird) routines and habits I have been accumulating. I started journal at the suggestion of a few folks. Now my hand writing is incredibly messy, and writing full journal entries by hand takes forever, so I found a convenient system online called the 5 Minute Journal. its pretty cool, and makes my journal entries concistent ( a combination of concise and consistent?Man, making up new words is fun).
its pretty simple, you just have 5 parts:

  • 3 points of gratitude
  • 3 things that would make this day go well
  • Daily Affirmation
  • 3 things that went well in the day
  • Way the day could have gone better.
Usually I just do the last two in the morning for the previous day because I always forget to journal at night.

Also, I started putting a nice lump of coconut oil in my tea. Its delicious, creamy, and makes my tea smell like coconut.

I wanted a Chinese movie, this week, its called 龙在哪里? Where is Dragon? Its a cute little cartoon movie about the Chinese Zodiac animals and a spunky girl born in the Year of the Dragon. Its a fun watch.

Got my passport back this week! I had turned it in to get a residence permit, because I previously did not have enough days my student visa and would have been kicked out by… a couple days ago I think. Luckily I did not get kicked out. Yay for not being kicked out!

Finally I had a chance to check out the IBM headquarters in Shanghai. I attended a Toastmasters event for IBM employees ( of which I am not). A world champion speaker gave some tips on public speaking that I have written down somewhere.

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