The typo to picture ratio in this post is at least 7-1

Baymax! he is missing a rocket hand though.
Damn, I really should have been working on my paper this whole time. I have a draft done.. but anyways. I am going through one of those weird lifestyle habit building experiments phases again. Its pretty fun, and it always happens when I travel.  Last time, I was in DC doing some weird shit with waking up at the butt crack of dawn and doing all my school work done the morning before work. I took caffeine pills in the morning and melatonin at night ( I still do that now, should kick that habit one day). I also constantly kept my phone on airplane mode ( I still do that, to the frustration of people trying to contact me).
These days I am doing trying strange( and not so strange) things.
I started meditating in the morning and at night.
I turned a shelf in my dresser into a standing desk to do work ( with no access to internet when I use ).
I also spent this whole week eating 80% of my meals while walking around, except for those two or three times I was forced to sit down.  Typically I will go to the canteen or some restaurant ask for 打包/ to go. Then I just walk around with my togo box of Chinese food. In all fairness its not too different from ordering the buns and Shaomai烧卖 to go on my runs ( which reminds me, I haven’t done that in a while, I should do that soon)
Finally, have consumed excess amounts of yogurt drink and yakult drink. I had a pack of 30ish last week, I am down to my last two.
image (1)
My standing(ish) desk with copious amounts of yogurt and yakult drink
I think that is about it. I think
I downloaded like 10 books off of kindle, five to six of which were written by Paulo Coelho. I read the Alchemist a long while back, a remember it being a really good book. Now I am reading the “Zahir,” I read about 30% of it so far One of the quotes that stuck out to me was ” We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin, the second is knowing when to stop. Plainly put: We people are freaking idiots sometimes. First, we either jump the gun and start way too early without thinking, or we procrastinate until it is wayyyyyy too late. Second we quit we things just get a little bit tough, or we waste our time doing something we shouldn’t be doing. I know I do all of these things. Oh well, 怎么办?
I dropped that book temporarily to read Eddie Huang’s biography “Fresh Off the Boat”, I finished in 2-3 days. I spent way more time that I should have reading, I got that paper to write!!! Remember that thing about not knowing when to stop? This was one of those times. It was a really good book though, had no idea Eddie Huang was such a badass. The sitcom definitely does not to the book justice. It doesn’t show him slamming some kids arm in a microwave in elementary school or all the martial arts training. Also Eddie’s dad was a badass Taiwan street king, not as goofy as he is in the show. Those details would have been sick to have seen on TV.
Anyways, today was a pretty slow week in Shanghai. I haven’t gone out much due to being busy with work and school.
I have had a couple ideas popping up here and there though. I noticed that a bunch of Chinese folks want to learn English, but do not really have a way to get regular contact with native english speakers. So what if we had little towns/ cities within China full of only native english speakers. We could open hotels,restaurants, various businesses and apartment complexes. We can even have a tenderloin! That way Chinese folks don’t to leave the country to spend time in a native english speaking country. We could have week to several month long stays with schools dedicated to teaching english. All I need to do is find a plot of land, and import a bunch of native english speakers.
Anyways, time to go back to work!
Finally turned in my passport to get a residence permit before my visa runs out and I get kicked out of China.
Found a place that sells Durian coffee
I also started excessively listening to Ted Radio hour and the Tim Ferriss Show podcasts
Odd habit #93 : I started doing handstands in my room every morning, working my way toward handstand pushups. Next step is to set up my laptop to watch Netflix upside-down

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