Dang internet, I was supposed to post this last week.

Apparently, folks on Wechat do not post as many selfies as those on Facebook. is it a Chinese culture thing? very curious.

I really think I need to hire someone to take pictures for me. I am terrible at remembering to take pictures. I wonder how much to would cost to hire a full time photographer to take pictures of things for me while I am here in China. It should not be too expensive right? 10 RMB per hour?

I have a new running spot. It is called the Ye Garden, right behind a hospital and few people ever go there ( except for hospital patients). I wonder if there are ghosts that haunt the gardens, I mean it is right next to a hospital. There could be ghosts of abortion babies and patients subjected to malpractice in the hospital next door. They must haunt the garden and night. Time to go ghost hunting.


Went to the Urban Planning museum. All the media in the museum portrays China as clean, progressive and futuristic. Interesting self image, considering that 3 year old babies like to poop on the street. I specifically remember a virtual tour of Shanghai portraying the water and skies and clear, blue and pristine. Funny. The cool thing about the museum is that they have traffic cams all over that you can access from the museum. It felt very Big Brother-esque. The only thing about having all these cameras in front of you at once is that you realize how often people in Shanghai spit on the street. There were always 5-10 screens with someone spitting on the street at any given moment.


Does anyone else find it ironic that the President Xi Jinping in the US while I am here in China. I feel like he is actively avoiding me. I thought were friends!




Guys Guys Guys! I can finally (kind of/sort of) ride a bike! I only crashed 1-2 times, and I still don’t dare to have a laptop in my bag while riding a bike for intense fear of breaking everything, but I can go in a semi straight line!

I finally found a place with heavy bags. Now I can punch my frustrations away (hooray!) . Even made hand wraps out of one my old t-shirts.


I never realized how tiring bargaining was until I went to Han City the other day. We spent a good three hours walking around and shopping. I picked up a SuperDry backpack and some running shorts. A few things  learned about bargaining in Shanghai:

  • Don’t buy things at the very end of you time at the market, you are worn down and too tired to effectively haggle.
  • Always walk away, Chinese folks like to chase foreigners and their money, sometimes they will stop you at the door if they are desperate enough
  • You do not need to speak Chinese bargain, you can get by perfectly fine with english
  • Spanish and French speakers can’t always have secret conversations in front of the sellers: There are merchants that speak 3-4 different languages.

Tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival. I wonder how many mooncakes I can eat without hating myself. I figure I ate about four in one sitting when I was seven years old. Since I am over three times that age, I should be able to eat at least three times as many mooncakes.


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