The Ballad of the Marriage Market and Broken Computers

Today was the first week of classes, and I think its the 5th time in these 2 years that I have had to figure my way around a new campus. Fun right? Fudan’s campus is massive, and I am starting to realize the inconvenience of not having a bike. So far I have been riding on the back to people’s bikes and it has been incredibly convenient. If they had electric tricycles I would totally get one ( no shame whatsoever, I’ll drive that trike proudly). But really, I reckon I gotta learn.
They have taro and coconut quakers oatmeal!
They have taro and coconut quakers oatmeal!
I have gotten accustomed to pretty consistent morning running schedule ( for the time being since things aren’t too hectic). Usually I will run early in the morning around campus and stop by a little shop that sells SIu Mai and panfried soup buns ( 4 buns for 5 rmb and 1.5 per Siu Mai). By the way, I keep accidentally calling certain foods by cantonese names instead of mandarin ones, and evidently it confuses people when I order.
Speaking of confusing people, there is a place along the path to WuJiaoChang五角场 / Walmart called Wall Street English, supposedly they do a lot of English language teaching for business men and professionals. Apparently, I look Chinese ( at least, that is what Chinese folks tell me), so one of the recruiters came up to me assuming I was Chinese and asked if I wanted to learn English “你想学英语吗?” So I spoke to him “让我想一想“ No thanks, I think my english is okay.” It was the best reaction I’ve seen in months. He just stared at me confused, jaw dropped for a good 15 seconds and said ” okay thank you, bye bye”
My laptop broke this week, very inopportune time as it was the first week of classes, luckily I was able to go to a massive apple store in by the IFC and unintentionally stumbled upon the Pearl Tower, a number of pretty looking skyscrapers and Yang Dumplings! which had some of the best 生煎 in town. Apparently they had one closer to my school, but at the time this one was closer, haha.
image (6)
Pearl Tower in Shanghai, did not expect to run into it while getting my laptop fixed

image (7)

image (5)
mmexport1442142684674 Yang’s Dumplings is my new happy place
When I was in the US I heard rumors of a fabled market in China, SPECIFICALLY in Shanghai. Where parents could ease their worries of their children living to old age sad and alone, and take the situation into their own hands. They could meet with other worried parents and arrange dates and marriage between their children for the good and honor of the family. Well I found it! in Peoples square, there is a little slice of free market practice with parents as the brokers and their children as the commodities. In all honesty, it is a wonderful tool of empowerment for parents. Imagine how worried a mother must be when her daughter turns 25 and STILL has not found a husband. See? its not all fun and games being a parent is it? In any case, the marriage market was a vast ocean of parents, umbrellas and advertisements for the parents’ daughters and sons.
image image (1)
Well, that was my week.
Mosquitos here are sneaky bastards, I got 18 bites in 30 minutes just eating outside…….

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