Reunited and It Feels So Good

Things to talk about:

So after reading through my blog I made the realization that I should really be talking about my time here in DC… but first I want to talk about  poaching things butter. Brilliant idea, and I am going to make a list of things I absolutely need to try poaching in butter.

Steak: will probably be the most delicious steak ever. Poached then seared seems like a good way to go.

Eggs: people fry eggs in butter, wouldn’t be a bad idea to poach them right?

Pears: if you can poach it in wine, you can poach it in butter

Sausages: why poach brats in beer when you can poach them in butter.

Asparagus: we need to add some vegetables to this list.

Oh so I was talking to my fellow UCDCer Taylor and she suggested that I talk about this brilliant idea. So you know how Beijing is working on a machine to fresh air bubbles in the city? Apparently the air has gotten that bad. Read about it in the link below

So we should definitely miniaturize the machine as a necklace so that it makes an air bubble shield around a single person. In all fairness, I am not sure how it would work as a person walked around. BUT you could just have little hangout bubbles and be the coolest kid on the block.

Okay moving on. This weekend was full of reunition, reuniting? REUNION! Yes, that is the word I was looking. I went to Richmond Virginia and reunited up with my great friend Dana Hillebrand, my sista from anotha mista (I  will never repeat that statement ever again I swear) . She introduced me to the glorious BBQ place that is Buzz and Neds, it was on the food network in Throwdown with Bobby Flay.


I had hush puppies for the first time. And a killer brisket sandwich. I need to comeback here one day.

Dana and I drove down to North Carolina reunited with the Bob and Kathy it was incredible to see them again and I missed them so. We all met in Kenya when I was volunteering last summer, and we just connected on an atomic level. When we get together its like nuclear fission, its just a blast (badum tish). It reminded me of all the good times that were had there, I missed those folks at the Lords Servants Home…

*Sorry I just had another idea on my bucket list. I need to get on the top of Washington Monument with a flying squirrel suit and glide down it. It would be so cool*

So much.  It was been almost a year since I last saw them. And it was a truly a blessing to have been able to come to the Beast Coast and see them again. Saturday morning we had the most American breakfast I could have imagine and it was glorious. Eggs, bacon, waffles, maple syrup and fruit. We even had a nice jar of Kenyan honey that I helped harvest.

Dana, Me and Kathy, Bob is reportedly missing from the picture
Dana, Me and Kathy, Bob is reportedly missing from the picture

Barnacle ( their Bassethound) is CUTEST LITTLE BUGGER EVER.

We also went geocaching. First couple times were duds, but when we finally started finding the geo chaches I felt like I was Indiana  Jones finding treasures in the everyday temple of the world. There even booby traps like… poison ivy and pigeons. And I am pretty sure that if we stepped on the wrong spot in that graveyard we would have triggered a zombie attack, but its cool, we are ALIVE.

Then we also had shark tacos, in a Mexican restaurant where all the servers had incredibly southern accents. It was super hip, and it was a very wonderful place. I felt like I should have had a beard and flannel while I was eating there. It kind of reminds me of the Japanese restaurant near the UCDC center with the disco lighted and techno’d out bathroom.

Shark Tacos in a hipster southern Mexican restaurant
The picture does not do it justice

Also I learned how to ride a bike this weekend….. I hit a mailbox and dented it. And some neighbors in a pick up truck had a hoot about it.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend.


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