Comic Book Logic

I am realizing that my thought process upon waking up from a nap is incredibly similar to my thought process while drinking heavily…. Not that I drink heavily. the Avengers: Age of Ultron was a splendid movie I watched it twice and it inspired me to come up with an exhausting list of things that are worthy to picked up and used by Thors hammer Mjolnir due to masterful logic:


Thor: Obviously as the owner of the hammer I suppose he is worthy

The Vision: That red android person robot thing from the movie is very worthy as can pick it up and swing it at people.

Elevators: if the hammer is in the elevator and the elevator is moving up, then technically the elevator is worthy.

Airplanes: If the hammer is in the elevator while it is flying, the hammer should weigh down the airplane causing it to crash and burn resulting in a terrible explosion, or it would just fall through the plane. But since it doesn’t, the airplane is worthy.

Automobiles: if Thor’s Hammer is in the bag of  a Toyota 2009 Tacoma while it is moving. Then the 2009 Tacoma MUST be a worthy pickup truck.

Earth: So Thor’s Hammer is on the ground. The earth is rotating and moving the hammer in a circular motion, so that means that the earth is worthy.  Also, considers about the fact that the hammer always falls down due to gravity. It is clearly making its way toward the earth’s center.  IT means that the Earth’s core is calling the hammer which makes it worthy.

The elements Iron and Nickel: Through the transitive property, since the hammer is always falling down toward the Earth’s core and the earth’s core is made primarily of Iron and Nickel. It means that those two elements are worthy to use Thor’s Hammer.

Katrina, my Cast Iron Skillet: Again through the transitive property. If element Iron is worthy of Thor’s hammer, then Katrina, my trusty 8in Lodge brand Cast Iron Skillet is worthy of using Thor’s Hammer.  Viola

Moon: Similar as the earth. If Thor flies to the moon and leaves his hammer there. Then the moon is worthy because it is orbiting around the Earth.

The Sun: Say Thor happens to leave his hammer on the Earth. Due to the Sun’s gravity, the Earth is orbiting the Sun. Since the hammer is on earth and the Sun is moving it on the Earth via its gravity, it means the Sun is also worthy.

By the way Age of Ultron is a pretty good movie, I suggest you watch it


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