Sticks, Vending Machines and General Washington’s Teeth

So, WordPress in being lame and won’t let me upload videos. I had this rad video of an Arnis(Philippine stick and knife fighting) demo at the Embassy of the Philippines. By the way there was this big cultural festival on Saturday. All the embassies opened up and had free food and demonstration. Checked out the Embassies for the Philippines, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Japan. So I was able to step foot on to the land of at least 5 countries in a day. That reminds me… since I stepping foot in the embassy means that you are on the sovereign land of whatever country that embassy belongs to. So that must mean that you must follow the laws of whatever country whose embassy you are standning. SO WHAT YOU ARE TELLING ME IS….if I am 20 years old in the US and I walk into to the Australian embassy or consulate, I can legally consume liquor right?? On top of that if I am in Singapore and order myself some chewing gum airdropped into the US embassy, that if absolutely okay right? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES


The world needs more vending machines, when I say vending machines I mean vending machines that do cool things like make pizza and smoothies from scratch. I did a little google search and I found some utterly amazing things that I need acquire one day. Some of these articles have repeats, but dang they are cool

Among my favorites:
Fresh Crab
Mashed potatoes
French Fries
Burritos ( including breakfast burritos)

slide_359769_4016216_free slide_359769_4016169_free BEYONDTE ELECTRONICS CO.,LIMITED FF VENDING slide_359769_4016174_free slide_359769_4016254_free slide_359769_4016184_free

I have a new lifelong dream…. To open a mall(or food court) composed entirely of vending machines. It could be the project of the century. This needs to happen.

I finally went to Mount Vernon today, I finally saw General George Washington’s teeth in the museum. My trip here in DC is now complete. I can go back home now. I do not even need to finish my internship or classes, okay I guess I sort of do, but honestly, after seeing those pearly whites, what other compelling do I have for being here?


Also, there were other cool things, like the Re-enactments, the Potomac river, his mansion and his tomb. But those teeth though… worth the 2-3 hour commute.

wpid-20150503_150102.jpg wpid-20150503_144108.jpg wpid-20150503_151507.jpg


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