Slow Week

First of all. I had this delicious lobster roll from a food truck on the way back from work. I ate half and gave the rest to someone on the street who looked really hungry. They seemed pretty darn happy about it.

I think there was a whole claw in there
I think there was a whole claw in there


So I have been on this huge reading binge since I came to DC. I was previously reading on my phone and/or macbook. But now I officially have a kindle. It cost 80 bucks, which isn’t bad conisdering all the books I have been reading thus far have been for FREE! This is my reading list thus far:


Think Like a Freak by Stevin D Levitt and Stephen Dubner AKA the Freakonomics guys (DONE)

The 4 Hour work Week Timothy Ferriss (DONE)

China’s Second Continent by Howard French (2/3 through)

Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell (DONE)

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think by Brian Wansink

American Sniper by Chris Kyle ( just watched the movie now I gotten read the book)


This new Kindle is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Second only to Pho Bo and Roast Duck being in my life ( sorry mom) . This thing is super light, as in lighter than any book I have ever held. The battery lasts for days. I have had this thing for almost a full week and only charged it once to get it to full battery (because I am obsessive about that sort of thing). If I get stuck out in the countryside or a godforsaken island all I need is my trusty solar charger for this thing and I would be good to go. If said god forsaken island had internet cafes I could also download extra books for this .


Now, most people buy books on their kindles right? Yeah, I guess they do. Since I am a poor college student I prefer to get my books for FREE. And no this is not some psycho hacker theft kindle loop hole story I am going to tell you about. It is this cool little thing called overdrive


All you need is a library card and you can check out e-books from you public library. In fact, you do not even need the card you can just write down the pin and library card number and toss that thing away. No need for that precious space being take up in that wallet/money clip/purse/keychain / whatever you put your library card in.


Anyways… I think I was supposed to talk about my week.  So Friday morning I went to this talk at the Wilson Center  with these 3 people:

Meg-Lundsager-120x180-1 NvgjbSux Tony+Fratto+Jacob+Lew+Urges+Congress+Raise+Cdxe_VzRJbgl

They were talking about the US and engaging it through the TPP and the whole fiasco with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB and the New Development Bank. I will not divulge opinions for fear of super sneaky Squirrel Assassin attacks, I learn two interesting things from that talk.

  1. The USA has enough voting power in the IMF to veto most things alone all by its lonesome self
  2. Something around 55% of members of the IMF are also stakeholders in the AIIB)


Fun Facts am I right?


So this week in parkour we learned wall spins.. You know… when you spin on a wall.


Unfortunately I always forget to take a video what goes on in that parkour gym when I am there. I guess it is like fight club. Shhh, except I am clearly talking about it and just not putting up pictures. SO I guess it isn’t much like fight club at all.


I also discovered the magic of Epsom salts this weekend. Very useful for all sorts of soreness from running and constipation issues(not from running) … not that anyone reading this needed to know about those issues….


OHH Obama and Luther are hilarious! I think above all this made my week.



Most importantly the Nepal Earthquake caused some pretty bad damage. Here is long list of relief funds that could use some funding


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