A Genuine Huynh Huynh Situation

啊呀, the weeks get more and more difficult to recall as they go by. I am currently eating one of six cupcakes purchased from Baked and Wired from Georgetown. They were delicious, but I feel a tad bit sick from all the sugar and butter… but so delicious.


Anyways this has been a long week. I got very intensely involved and excited in both crowdfunding, low income/ limited opportunity students and world domination ( in a class simulation, not in a reality). I have been talking about getting involved with my former high school at City Arts and Technology ( CAT for short) and getting into starting a scholarship fund. I am hoping to find a way to work crowdfunding as a method of generating scholarship money. I have spoken with good friend and former teacher Matt about working out with this and hopefully it works out. It will not be much, but if we can raise enough money to get at least a few students some scholarship money to help pay for college it would be worthwhile. S

This whole idea of crowdfunding for scholarship was inspired by a talk from the United States Student Association (USSA for short). Maxwell, the current president was chatting about how helping students paying for school should be the government’s job because of all those fun nationwide benefits of an educated workforce without thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt. Naturally all this talk about the government paying for college made me think. What other ways can we help students to pay for college, especially in the high school I went to.

I have been on this crowdfunding frenzy. I made an account to help gather money for my trip to China this summer, tried applying it to my internship at Ameson ( with some success) and now I am trying to get it applied to generating a scholarship fund. CROWDFUND EVERYTHING

So, my cousin Ada and fellow Huynher at life Nhan (pronounced Young) visited for the weekend we did SO…..MANY… THINGS. Here is a time line of what we did:


Meet at air port and eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl

Read books and eat dinner at Kramers eat delicious steak, tacos and shrimp and grits.


  • Monument run to the White House, Washington Monument, FDR Monument, WWI Memorial, WWII Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial basically everything except the Lincoln memorial and the Capitol Building.
  • At the end of the run we picked up Empanadas from Julie’s Empanadas.
  • Go to Found Farmers for Brunch and ordered an All American breakfast complete with Bananas fosters and Red Velvet Pancakes:
  • Checked out the Smithsonian  American History Museum, containing a skateboard donated by Rodney Mullen and Julia Child’s Kitchen, cool stuff right?
  • wpid-20150418_140623.jpgwpid-20150418_134040.jpgwpid-20150419_152132.jpg
  • Walked over to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures there, boo hoo =(
  • Went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum found space EVERYTHING.
  • Walked over to Birch and Barley’s for some delicious beers and feliocious dood: we had an seat with a view of the Kitchen.


  • Wake up, run to the Lincoln Memorial and Back.
  • Take the train over to the SE quadrant and arrive to Capitol Hill Baptist Church Late
  • Have brunch at match box and eat BRUNCH PIZZA.
  • Take the train over to Arlington Virginia and bask in the glory of the Marine Corps Memorial
  • Walk through Arlington National Cemetery and spend an hour figuring out what every military shorthand and acronym stood for on the graves
  • Walk across the Key Bridge into Georgetown and survey what is now dubbed the “Cupcake triangle”
  • Walk over to farmers fishers, bakers too early with zero wait, walk around for 10 minutes and comeback to a 1.5 hour long wait ( I suspect a conspiracy in the works)
  • Go to Baked and Wired  to purchase 6 cupcakes
  • Finally sit down and chow on mountains of seafood.
  • Lyft back to mi casa
  • Write this blog post

*the Cupcake Triangle is the area compassing Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles, and Baked and Wired

Yeah, looking back, I wonder how we managed to do all those things in that short amount of time.

I have come to the conclusion that I should start hoarding pennies. The American History Museum made a very compelling case that pennies are not what they used to be and are in danger of being phased out. There was once upon a time that there were half pennies. And they got phased out over 150 years ago. With inflation over these past years, pennies are basically useless as legal tender. With a coin as useless as the penny, I am going to be the brilliant genious that I am and do the exact opposite of what you would do with a penny. Instead of toss it.. SAVE IT and prepare for that glorious day when the penny is discontinued. By then I will have an treasure trove of pennies at my disposal, and they will be worth millions! At the very least, the pennies will be worth more than a cent.  If we do the math, if I have $1000 in pennies when it gets discontinued, maybe a penny will be worth 10 cents after it is discontinued. At which point I will have a nice $10,000 in pennies.

Finally, I had a very big aha moment that made me realize that ” huh, I really am in DC”. The pastor day was in mid prayer. And he prayed for the Supreme court Justices, and judges on the Federal, State and local levels. He prayed for the congressmen and congress women and all the public leaders in the US. Obviously, most churches in the world do nut often pray for these types of people, but it makes considering the audience of this church.

But most importantly, invest in pennies guys. Once they are gone, they are gone! I am expecting my cousin Ada to write a blog post up on here to talk more about the food we ate. We had some delicious things and I do not quite have the attnetion to focus and to talk about as evidenced by my 6 weeks of tangents.


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