Apparently Cherry Blossoms do not bear fruit.

The weeks just keep getting harder and harder to remember, maybe my memory Is failing me, or maybe things are just getting busier. In any case, this week confirmed that Spring Quarter is probably the best time to participate in the UCDC program.  The weather has been getting much better lately give or take a few rainy days, and the Cherry Blossom Festival was going on as well. The area surround Jefferson Memorial is completely littered with Cherry Blossoms and it is pretty darn gorgeous. The blossoms make it much more enticing to climb the trees as well. I think they smell and look much nicer hanging from 2 limbs. In hindsight, it would have been more practical to go around the Jefferson Memorial at the buttcrack of dawn when the area isn’t swarmed with tourists.  I might do that tomorrow and update this entry when I do.  Hooray to the benefits of writing things down and reflecting on things,  kids… start keeping journals! Anyways, yeah it today the area was intensely crowded with folks of all ages, shapes, color and sizes.

I also climbed a really tall tree today.  I was walking with a group of friends from the Jefferson Memorial to the Sakura Matsuri street festival and I saw this lonely little kite that needed saving. He/she/it was stuck in a tree by the Washington Memorial just begging for my help. So being the selfless person I am I risk my life and limbs to climb up said tree and try to save this kite’s life. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it in time… poor kite. I tried, I climbed really, really high. High enough to attract attention for tourists and park rangers. But alas, I will remember that kite for the rest of my days.   Honestly, do not listen to the people that say it was really high, it was not THAT bad.  It was also pretty fun to climb. I will come back to save that kite, one day! Here is a picture of me in a tree!


The Sakura Matsuri street festival was pretty darn cool too. When you first walk in there was a massive column of smoke over the crowd of tourists that signaled where the delicious food was! Oddly enough, there were A LOT more Chinese people and tourists compared to Japanese that you would expect for a Japanese Festival.  Craziest thing.. I saw this newfangled Japanese Metal Band which confused my brain in ways I never knew it could be confused. It was scary mix of bubbly and cutesy Jpop and hardcore  electric guitar and drums.  I really am not sure how I feel about it, but people seemed to like it! They had some okay martial arts demonstrations, some sword demos and karate demos. I was really sad that there were no Judo or Jiujitsu demos I would have wanted to jump in on those. I also saw about 20 or so mighty Morphin Power Ranger VHS tapes, brings me back to my childhood.


I feel like I have been making strides in parkour ( hah its funny because the name of the class is PK Stide Ha.. Ha..).  I have gotten into this nice habit of running a bit over 2 miles to the facility and another 2 miles back. 有很多人告诉我, “你跑步跑的太多,哈哈”Getting better at those flips which I hope to get a video of sometime soon when I get confident of it.  Also my new brilliant habit of going to the Safeway nearby the American Parkour Academy and running home with bags full of groceries. Running is a lot more tiring when you can’t swing your arms freely!! But anyways, week 3 is over and it has been pretty great.


UPDATE: There are still way too many people taking pictures of the Cherry Blossoms around the Jefferson Memorial. I went for a run at 6:30 and people were already around. Maybe it would be best to go on a weekday morning..