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Holy crap, it has already been 2 weeks into the quarter. The program is already 20% done and things have been going by so fast that I forget what I have been doing with my life. I think I had conversations with people and did work and went to talks, parkour 3-4 times a week is still a must to train for that Spartan Race.  So, I just came back about 5 minutes for a 2 hour (give or take) run. I ran over to the Capitol building and back the pink blossoming flowers are there. SO MUCH MAJESTY AND POLITICAL POWER emanates from that building (as do about half the buildings here in DC do). Once I arrived at the Capitol, I made the realization that the UCDC center was going to do a tour today in the building in an hour after I had arrived. Oops.. I guess I should have gone, but there is always time for that right? I mean, I SUPPOSE I could have just waited for everyone else to get to the capitol and toured with them, however my penchant for running with minimal clothing may have presented some issues with the tour ( does the Capitol have a no shirt no service policy?).

Capitol Building!
Capitol Building!
Monument from Capitol Building
Monument from Capitol Building

Earlier this week I had the chance to attend some interesting talks. One of them was with the retired Colonel Preston McLaughlin about his masters thesis US military operations in China in the 1940s.  Pretty interesting stuff, one thing that struck me a little quip about the Chinese sabotaging the parts of China occupied by the Japanese. They essentially printed out a bunch of fake occupational money that the Japanese introduced to the area and flooded the market to devalue their currency. The economics nerd in me lighted up when I heard about this brilliant strategy.

( insert picture of Kikwete)

I also attended this talk with the  current President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete. It was interesting for me to listen to his comments on the education system regarding Christian Missionaries and Colonialism. He mentioned that the former Colonists essentially left the education system to the Missionaries so they would not have to deal with it. The Missionaries themselves reportedly build schools in areas of Africa.

President of Tanzania at Wilson Center
President of Tanzania at Wilson Center

Speaking of schools I have my new super cool idea for a school system that I will implement to this world sometime between now and 2060. HINT: it involved retired folks.

Also… I learned how to do a front flip last Friday! I wish I had a video, bit it was a pretty intense experience.

oh wait…


This is for all you Kiswahili speaking folk. I found a cookie that says asante!!

Asante Cookie
Asante Cookie

( cookie photo)


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