Karmic Layovers!

So, I was on my connecting flight from Salt Lake City to Washington DC when I found out the whole flight was overbooked.  The flight customer service lady asked for volunteers to give up their flights for a later one.  I thought to myself ” some nice person in this raging crowd of flight goers might need to get to DC faster than I do” , so I gave up my seat at the morning flight for a midnight flight. Lo and behold I was rewarded with a karmic flight voucher that will cover large portion of my flight expenses for my trip to China this summer。 好极了!我去中国的飞机票不用钱!Delta Airlines even put me in a hotel for the day. They put me in a double so I get TWO full beds to myself. That means one bed just for napping and another bed just for sleeping, muahaha.

Two beds, one for napping and one for sleeping.

I learned two things about Salt Lake city today:

1: There are SO many breweries and bars. By that I mean hundreds Not a bad place to be stuck for a layover at all. I got to check out Red Rock Brewing co and Squatters Craft. Beer Samples in Squatter’s only cost 50 cents each!;

Beer Samplings at Squatters, oatmeal stout on the left and a seasonal sour beer on the right.

They have the funniest little law where I was only allowed to have two drinks on my table at any one time. They ruined my plans of ordering a sample of every beer on the menu at once. I only wish I stuffed my beer snob/connoisseur friends in my suitcase so I could make snarky comments about their snarky beer tasting comments. Oh well, next time guys!

2: It is the Mormon capital of the ENTIRE FREAKEN WORLD. Who knew? They have a Temple/Church that takes up a whole city block. The thing is darn pretty, complete with manmade waterfalls, giant Jesus statue and bible paintings littering the whole interior. This temple flies in volunteer missionaries from all over the world to talk to visitors like me. I met some nice people from Australia, Switzerland and even Brazil. I had some nice chats with these people and realized that my English has been rapidly deteriorating from lack of sleep.  I imagine there is some sort of international illuminati-like conspiracy going on here.

The central HQ of Mormans and the embassy of their country Mormia. Purdy ain’t it?

For the rest of my life, I will refer to the people of this love city as SL,UTs (Salt Lake, UTah). I mean this in an endearing way, I saw a T-shirt with this in the hotel gift shop, so that makes it okay.

Overall, it has not been that bad of a layover. Going to finally be in DC tomorrow morning. I have at least for more hours until my flight though, I should take a nap, I think I will dream about oatmeal stoutmobiles



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