Hey guys, I made a blog!


It dawned on me that I will be spending nine out of twelve months outside of my not so little home town in California . And half of this lovely year of 2015 out of my beloved USA.  A few people have suggesting starting a blog for reasons including but not limited to; sentimental  strategic, therapeutic and maniacal. In any case, I have time to kill at the airport at SFO. Going to Washington DC, for 3 months for the University of California Washington, DC internship program.….

I just moved from the airport lobby to my seat and I lost my train of thought…. OH yes, I have a bag of salmon jerky in my backpack that I am excited to eat. More excited than I should be? NEVER.  In any case I have no idea what proper blog protocol for writing is, but I reckon that I will be just vomiting my thoughts down on this here electronic piece of paper. If this blog reflects my thought process even the teeniest bit I will be all over the place.

而且我想必常常写中文。 可是我的中文水平不太好。为问题我今年六月去北师大进步我的中文水平。加油!

I have become extraordinarily excited about my new travelling rule: never check in a bag, only go through all your trips with a carry on duffle and backpack. I have successfully done 2 trips like this; Spokane and Sao Paulo. It has been going pretty well, saving money on domestic baggage fees. More importantly, you can save SO much time by not needing to wait at the baggage claim line. It is less stressful too. I am also looking into figuring out the cost of shipping things for when I do in fact have too much crap to lug around( especially when buying lots of souvenirs to bring back home).

I have only been back in San Francisco for about four days and I haven’t had time to see everyone that I needed to see or do everything I wanted to do while I was back. Well, there is always June. Man, I should have started this travel blog a long time ago. After Hong Kong , Kenya and Brazil, It would have been smart to have started this earlier. Oops, I guess I will just post about them sometime in the future on a less eventful day.

Plane is taking way too long,  I have literally spent the last 30 minutes ranting about absolutely nothing to kill time and it hasn’t left yet. Anyways, I will be attempting to update this blog on a semi regular basis.


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